YAP Proposal #15: “Connecting rural farmers to the market” (Charles Batte, Uganda)


MoBFiTMoBFiT – Technology connecting small-holder rural farmers to the market.

I am asked that question more often than not, “why is a 28 year old medical doctor like you so passionate about agriculture?” And so often I take a moment to ponder about the past 8 years I have closely worked with farmers and managed my own farm – the Empower Community Farm and therein lies the answer, agriculture did not just make me who I am – it is actually the real deal, it is not just cool but also MoBFiT.

I was born in Kamwokya; one of the most impoverished slums in Uganda, a community characterized by nail biting poverty, unemployment, crime and drugs. My parents struggled to financially sustain a family of 8 children in the city. We therefore moved to Katiiti; a rural village 105km away from the capital, where it was cheaper to live because…

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Youth Speaker entry #10: Charles Batte (Uganda)

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Tree Adoption Uganda (TAU) is a youth led Non-Government Organization that seeks to jointly address youth unemployment, climate change and reduce rural-urban migration by creating local economies in rural communities. We leverage on creatively using environmental conservation activities like tree planting that help corporate companies to offset carbon as a platform to provide the much needed startup capital for young people with business ideas.

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